Gym Flooring

Rubber Gym Flooring: Paramount Facility For Gym

For a gym proprietor to ensure that one's gym is loved by the people, employing high quality gym equipment and machines is not the only parameter to look for. One of the other essential aspect to be taken into consideration is the application of proper gym flooring. Having proper flooring ensures the prevention of injuries. Taking this aspect into view, Primelay offers the best solution for the gym flooring, which is perfect for every gym as there are plenty of options to suit each and every interior, be it for residential or commercial gyms. Our offered flooring options includes the Rubber Gym Flooring for resisting the impact of heavy duty workout equipment such as exercise bikes, stair steppers, weight benches, elliptical machines, treadmills, free weights and many more.

At PrimeFit, plenty of Gym Flooring Archives are provided that can be availed in different sizes ( 500x500mm, 1 x 1 meter, 3x3feet), thicknesses ( ranging from 10 to 50mm and 3 to 12 mm for tiles and roll mat, respectively), color shades (like dark gray, red, light gray, dark blue, green, etc.), shapes (such as square, interlocking and more). Moreover, it is available in 19 to 20 different bright colors to render sparkle or flake effect over the tiles.

Markets Covered

We offer our products not only within the boundaries of our nation, but worldwide. Some of the main markets where we deal are Malaysia, Australia, Dubai, Singapore, UK and other Middle East and Asian Countries.

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