Our Infrastructure

Banking on our infrastructural facility, we are making rubber based utility items for everyone. We own two production setups where our workers conduct various manufacturing process to make products like Rubber Paver Tiles and Ballistic Block. These units are installed with various machines that contribute to form a large monthly production capacity. We have divided the infrastructural facility into various modules that helps us in making the products. Here are some points about our infrastructure:

  • Our production setup has a monthly production capacity of 120,000 square meter/month
  • There are production, quality testing, research labs and packaging unit in the structure
  • We also have a warehouse facility that helps in the storage of our goods.

Our Mission

PSF Industries SDN BHD aims to make revolutionary products that are directed towards utilizing the resources of the world efficiency. We are dedicated to reducing the waste rubber around us and turning into something that is useful for a lot of people.

Contributing To A Cleaner World

We are taking care of the environment by reducing the waste rubber tires in our surrounding and turning it into good quality of Gym Flooring and Carpet Underlay for you. A large amount of rubber tire waste form huge unwanted heaps of garbage that occupies several landfills. To recycle this rubber waste and make useful products from it, we make floors and carpets by shredding and processing the recyclable rubber into small granules. Our specialized team expertly molds these granules into carpets, tiles and blocks which are free from toxic elements and are totally safe for adults as well as children.

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