Children Playground Flooring

What is the importance of Safety surfaces for the Outdoor Playgrounds?

Every child loves to play in the playground with their friends and they often fall while playing, which sometimes may cause serious injuries to the children. This is being the reason; child safety is of prime importance, when it comes to constructing outdoor playgrounds. Taking this aspect into consideration, we, at Primelay offer the best solution is Rubber Flooring to the people for minimizing the occurrence of accidents.

The usage of our rendered range is available in varied thicknesses (ranging from 20 to 125 mm), color shades (like dark gray, red, light gray, dark blue, green, etc. along with EPDM ranging from 19 to 20 varied bright colors), sizes (like 500x500 mm, 1 x 1 meters, etc.) and backing profile to ensure that these can be used for different drop heights. For this reason; the offered Rubber Flooring solution is highly preferred for the playgrounds because of these have been made using bright sparkle flake for rendering vibrant appearance to the floors.

Our Commitment

We strongly believe that the safety of children in the playgrounds is paramount and our membership with IPEMA, US clearly shows it. This membership allow us to be updated to the different aspects of flooring like modern techniques, safety features for producing flooring with better quality.

Covered Markets

The production unit of our company is located in the heart of Malaysia, from where we distribute and export our products not only within the boundaries of this nation, but worldwide. Besides, Primelay is also available in the Australia and Middle East are to name a few. We have even established our strong networks in the markets of South-East Asia and Europe.

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